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Starlight Shores Revisited

Hey guys! I decided to re-vamp Starlight Shores with some Highrises and EP content, because it’s a world with loads of potential. I was inspired by the-pinkflamingo’s attempt at adding highrises to the world (which looked awesome!) and perksofbeinga-sim’s Delmar Boardwalk which she has very kindly let me include in the world, woo! Make sure you click the link and find out her terms and stuff :3

You can find pictures in more detail here, which shows all the different districts with my stupid captions, haha.

This world now includes a LOT more bars and stuff, with all the Showtime venues still included, as well as a resort and houseboat mooring. Basically other than that I just did a shuffle-round of things, bulldozed, replaced, etc. Some of the interiors of the highrises are pretty sparse, just to warn you, I was lazy and used ugly blueprint mode.

There are only 2 pieces of CC in here, that is the Ferris Wheel for the Boardwalk and the Surfing Station from the store, but both are optional. I have and may have used all EPs, but you will need Showtime and LN for sure, IP for the…IP features and the other EPs for random features. You’re welcome to try playing without the other EPs and see if it will run, and the game will replace any objects that it doesn’t have, but you definitely need Showtime and LN. You will need patch 1.55 at least.

Have fun, feel free to modify as much as you wish as long as you give credit, and I would really love tags! I think this turned out pretty cool :3


This is a save file. It goes in your ‘Saves’ folder!

EDIT: Link now updated, I’m so sorry for the broken link! Please reblog so I can get this out <3

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Official Screenshot

Lovely 1920 x 1080 version of this picture courtesy of Graham (follow the link for the full sized version).  We first saw this picture last month in the GamesTM magazine.

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Teddy Bear Chair set

This set includes three items:
Bear Chair - living chairs category, 2895 simoleons, CAStable four channels, 2616 faces

Bear Chair_Ottoman - dining chairs category, 512 simoleons, CAStable three channels, 426 faces

Bear Chair_Lounge - lounge chairs category, 3000 simoleons, CAStable four channels, 3042 faces

Sims can relax and nap on the lounge chair.

DOWNLOAD (sims3packs & packages)


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Non edited pictures

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                                     I’m Clara Oswin,

                    the impossible girl.

                                         I was born to save the Doctor.

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A new skinblend called Whipped Cream with editing done by yours truly. 

The face uses Ephemera’s sunny as a base, and Joedy’s MESA skin’s cheekbones. The eyes are a combination of Moonskin93, Orangesims, and Ephemera (The fold is by moonskin93, the eyebags are ephemera, and everything in between is Orangesim). The nose uses Opeu’s bridge, and Joedy’s Mesa’s nose tip, the nostrils are from ts2, from this nosemask by Lilith. The lips are from ts2, as well. (mouseyblue’s sugar skintones).

The body is orange sims, without all the moles. The female body uses ephemera’s collarbones from her natural skin, and legs which are (as usual) slightly more tanned than the rest of the body, (sort of like navetsea’s skins…)

The non-default version of this skin comes with custom color ramps that are labelled. Enjoy <3




Download Whipped Cream NON-DEFAULT

Download Whipped Cream DEFAULT

Credit: Ephemera, Orangesims, Moonskin93, Joedy, Opeu, Lilith, Mouseyblue, and me

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sims3pack and package format included.

All ages included.

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It was getting dark, the sky was turning a purple pink and there was a very slight chill going through the air. Luke was standing in front of the diner, gazing across the campus. He then heard footsteps walking across the pavement and turned to see her. “Hey wonderboy.” He smiled at her “Hey” he was surprised with her next set of movements, she swiftly grabbed his hand and ran, dragging him into the diner “I hope you brought enough money because I’m STARVING.” 

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It’s been almost a week. Luke kept checking his phone and none of his messages have ever been from her. Well of course, there was a reason she didn’t give him her number, she was just being nice.

He took a deep breath and walked into his next class. After two hours of daydreaming he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and checked the screen. He didn’t recognize the number, but he knew who it was when he read the text.

"Meet me at the Diner across the campus @ 7. Cya, Wonderboy."

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